"Shipwrecks are my life. I live, dream, think, and breathe shipwrecks. I have come to love them, and exploring their often tattered and broken bones has become my passion. But I am not alone. There are a handful of men and women who share my obsession, and collectively we explore their captivating remains and attempt to uncover their fascinating stories."

Sheard, Bradley, Beyond Sportdiving: Birmingham: Menasha Ridge Press, 1991

Shipwreck Galleries

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Shipwrecks along the US East CoastWrecks from the Battle of Jutland in the North SeaWWII wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon (Truk)
Shipwrecks & marine life near Juneau, AlaskaThe atomic wrecks of Bikini AtollDiving Iron Bottom Sound
The Discovery of U-550The Bianca C of GrenadaReturn to Chuuk (Truk)
Presque Isle, Lake HuronChuuk (Truk) 2018

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