This site is intended to share some of my photography with the public. My underwater photography began shortly after I learned to scuba dive in 1977, and quickly focused on the myriad of shipwrecks sunk off the US East Coast; later these efforts expanded to cover shipwrecks around the world, with a special interest in World War II era wrecks. After moving to the Seattle area in 1997, I began diving in Puget Sound and British Columbia, expanding my interests to photographing marine life as well as shipwrecks. After spending six years in the Pacific Northwest I returned to the US East Coast and resumed my shipwreck photography, but I now spend a significant amount of time photographing "terrestrial" subjects as well as those beneath the sea.

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In October 2015 I traveled to the fabulous wreck diving location of Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon. I had been there twice before, but this was the first time with a digital camera. The diving proved just as spectacular as I remembered it!

Return to Truk Lagoon


I don't think I have ever seen shipwrecks as visually spectacular as in Presque Isle, Lake Huron.....well, ok, maybe in Truk--but that's the %$#*-tropics! As we spent a week diving incredible ships, sitting upright on the bottom in (literally) crystal clear (fresh!) water, I found myself continuously asking....'why am I diving in New Jersey again.....?'

Lake Huron Shipwrecks

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