Shipwrecks: US East Coast-2022

Hatteras, NC (June 2022)

diving aboard Lion's Paw

Our annual June trip to Cape Hatteras was compromised by tropical storm Alex, which stormed across Florida before heading east and out to sea, but not without sending swell and strong winds to the Outer Banks for much of the week we were there. We were only able to get out diving for one day out of a planned seven, leading us to pursue other activities. While diving the British Splendour, we were visited by a Great White Shark! Dave Etchison got a couple of outstanding photos of it, but I never saw it.....but I'm sure it saw me!!

British Splendour (sunk April 7, 1942 by U-552)



Aerial Tour from Manteo, NC

Oregon InletBodie Island Lighthouse

Night Sky Photography

Star trails and Milky Way over the Hatteras beach
Rho Ophiuchi Nebula region in the constellation Scorpius (mostly). This incredibly colorful region includes the bright red giant Antares (large yellow star at mid-left) and its yellow nebula, the globular cluster M4 (below Antares), a blue reflection nebula and red emission nebula, and multiple dark nebula and dust clouds. Two hours total exposure with William Optics Redcat telescope and modified Canon 6D DSLR.


Atlantic Beach, NC (April 2022)

diving aboard Atlantis IV

Ario (formerly known as Hutton, sunk March 15, 1942 by U-158)


Naeco (sunk March 23, 1942 by U-124)



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