Sharpless 2-112 in Cygnus

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Sharpless 2-112 is an emission nebula located in the constellation Cygnus, and is estimated to lie 2.1 kpc from our vantage point. This is a glowing Hydrogen region with filamentary dust clouds and significant star formation activity. Reference 1 concludes that there is a rich population of young stars with an average age of only 1 million years. The entire cloud is illuminated by the massive star BD+45 3216 (the bright star just below the dark nebulous region, nearly in the center of the red hydrogen cloud).

  Optics:GSO RC-8 
  Camera:QHY268M cooled CMOS camera 
  Exposure info:22 x 10 mins Ha, 18 x 10 mins OIII 
  Filters used:Astronomik Ha, OIII filters 
  Date:Fall 2023 
  Processing:Pixinsight-->Photoshop-->Topaz deNoise AI-->Lightroom 
  Color palette:Red = Ha, Green = OIII, Blue = OIII 



1. Alik Panja et al. "Star and Cluster Formation in the Sh2-112 Filamentary Cloud Complex." The Astrophysical Journal, 939:46, 2022 November 1