Cepheus: Elephant Trunk to Sharpless 2-129

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An expanse of sky stretching across the bottom of the constellation Cepheus. Included is the Elephant Trunk Nebula inside IC1396 (upper left) and the much fainter Flying Bat Nebula (Sharpless 2-129, lower right), both emission nebula rich in ionized hydrogen. The image was shot entirely through narrowband filters; the H-alpha taken from light-polluted Maryland, while the Oxygen III frames were taken from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, where the skies are considerably darker. Faintly visible inside the red Sharpless 2-129 at lower right is the very dim Squid Nebula (Ou4), which appears as an elongated ghost of teal in the shape of a squid. The Squid Nebula was only discovered in 2011 by Nicolas Outters. The image is a composite of 20 hours of exposure, my longest effort yet. My goal was to try and capture the faint squid, which I did, although just barely!

 Optics:Canon 200mm lens f/4 
Camera:astro-modified Canon 6D 
Exposure info:48 x 600 sec H-alpha iso800, 74 x 600 sec OIII iso1600 
Filters used:Astronomik H-alpha, OIII (12 nm) 
date:November 2016