The Veil Nebula

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The Veil Nebula in the constellation Cygnus (the Swan). This is my first attempt at assembling a narrow band image, shot with a DSLR and Astronomik EOS clip filters. I had tried to shoot this nebula, which is the remains of a supernova explosion made up of clouds of ionized gas and dust, in visiible light but was disappointed in the results. In that effort, the nebulosity was too faint and the background starfield too dominant. The narrowband images seem to reduce the intensity of the starfield while making the nebula brighter. Here the reds represent H-alpha light (hydrogen) and the blue-green O3 (oxygen), which approximates the colors that would be seen in a traditional RGB image.

 Optics:Canon 300mm lens 
Camera:astro-modified Canon 6D 
Exposure info:56 x 300 sec H-alpha, iso800 f/4 / 41 x 240 sec O3, iso1600 f/4 
Filters used:Astronomik H-alpha and O3 filters (12nm) 
date:Nov-Dec 2015